Articulate Innovation in Rheumatology


Op 6 mei houden we ons exclusief evenement “Articulate Innovation in Rheumatology”.

Zoals u kunt zien in het programma, zullen we boeiende discussies hebben met uitstekende sprekers, waaronder bekende Belgische Reumatologen alsook sprekers van buiten de reumatologie wereld!

Articulate Innovation in Rheumatology


Donderdag 6 Mei 2021

20:00 - 20:05

Introduction by the moderator

  • Prof. Koen Kas
20:05 - 20:20

What do a rheumatologist, a base-jumper and an entrepreneur have in common?

No matter the field of expertise, it takes audacity, planning and efforts to unlock innovation and challenge the status quo.

  • Prof. Em. René Westhovens (Rheumatologist, KULeuven)
  • Cédric Dumont (Base-jumper)
  • Onno van de Stolpe (Founder & CEO of Galapagos)
20:20 - 20:35

How can algorithms assist rheumatologists for a more targeted approach?

As increasing amounts of data are being collected, find out how machine learning can support disease classification and treatment optimization.

  • Prof. Patrick Durez (Rheumatologist, UCLouvain)
  • Prof. Stéphanie Humblet-Baron (Immunologist, VIB-KULeuven)
20:35 - 20:50

Digital tools to capture the window of opportunity in RA

Can digital tools contribute to disease interception and management in the future?

  • Dr. Philippe Carron (Rheumatologist, UZ Gent)
  • Dr. Isabelle Peene (Rheumatologist, AZ Sint-Jan)
  • Prof. Koen Kas



Online Conference


6 mei 2021

Donderdag 6 mei 2021 om 20:00u